Welcome to Support Your Local Band… and it’s first baby — Support Your Local Band Florida!! 

How did it all begin?  Well… Girl meets boy, boy plays trombone in many gigs, and girl finds herself amongst some pretty amazing musicians and artists!  Yup, it’s that simple!  After seeing a very close community of musicians and their true love for music, the promoters & venues who help to promote their gifts, and the friends & family who constantly support them… I was hooked!!  

But the fans!!  They truly feed the success behind these bands & musicians!  Their enthusiasm and non-wavering support in their communities is empowering!! 

So, Support Your Local Band Florida was born out of a different kind of need I saw for all involved.  Why not give the bands & musicians a way to post their gigs for free?  Why not give the promoters & venues a way to share their events to the public for free?  And wouldn’t it be awesome for the public to quickly jump on line or their phone and find out what’s going on in their City OR search for their favorite band Or check out what’s happening at their frequented venue?  

But WAIT!!  This is already out there on Facebook and many other platforms!!  What can I offer that is different than all the rest??  And here it is… an event Calendar platform that will literally hold all events for a single City within the State of Florida!  That is, of course, depending on who posts their gigs!

Users can search by date, musician/band, venue, promoter, city, genre and more.  Musicians can use it as their own personal calendar of events to promote to their fans.  Venues can share their music events and also benefit from the free advertisement!  If all goes as planned, I’m hoping this event calendar turns into a go to for the general public.

And that is the whole story!  Literally pulled together in just a few short weeks and mildly launched in December of 2019!  All to help connect a local community of musicians and artists throughout Florida.

I am very happy to support local bands and musicians!!  I hope you feel the same way!  Please give this site a try!  🙂

Much Love-

Kathy ‘Kat’ Costa, Owner/Founder/Supporter of Local Music & Huge Fan    

Kathy enjoys connecting people and bringing them to a new level in life.  She is also a Life Skills Coach and Owner of Weak Team Strong Team and Author of 'Follow Your Own Path', a unique 6-week Course.  Her mission is to help you to step outside of your 'self' and see life from a different perspective while learning to be FREE to be YOU!  

As a martial artist for over 30 years, she previously owned martial arts schools in Rhode Island and Arizona.  Today, she continues to train in Jun Li Kung Fu. Her love for martial arts is what keeps her grounded in life.

She is the proud mother of 2 adults - a Finance Major and a Singer/ Songwriter who currently reside in Colorado & Arizona. 

She wishes to continue growing Support Your Local Band Florida and make it a household name.  If all goes well, she wishes to expand to other States.